June 18, 2017

DIME Detroit Case Study

Written by: Shopwindow2min read

Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) is a music institute like no other custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in modern music. The courses are designed to build strong musical foundations, which will lead to long and sustained careers in the music industry alongside gaining academic qualifications.


Because of the nature of the school, recruitment of students is critical to the success of the school. DIMEs approach to Music Education is unique. Elise McCoy is a graduate of Wayne State University who studied media arts and studies and minored in music. She has been a semi-professional musician since she was a teenager, has been in several bands, and put out at least five albums in her life. Before DIME, she was a tech at a recording studio and assisted in a lot of high converting, high-earning crowd funding campaigns. She is currently the head of recruitment and admissions at DIME.


DIME had casually looked at software for its critical recruiting needs but found nothing that offered the right functionality that it needed and most of the other products were overpriced for their size.  

Challenges implementing Shopwindow

Their head of marketing was contacted by Shopwindow and was immediately impressed. Elise says: She came to me and said Elise, this guy came in here and showed me this product and It was amazing. You need to check it out. We really should think about using this. Of course, I was a skeptic until I saw the demo and then, I was totally intrigued.


Elise says When we sat down and first starting learning about Shopwindow, there was a lot of other capabilities of the product that had great appeal to us. Light bulbs started going off about the different ways that we could use Shopwindow to communicate and work with the people that were on our list.  It was incredible. She adds: "We recognized that we didn't have an efficient way of communicating with people.


Plus, we also were badly in need of a texting service. Asked to explain further, Elise says: The product is really clean, and if we're running a short course or workshop I can quickly identify potential students.   


That feature has been really cool for us. It's brought in quite a lot of revenue for us in terms of people signing up to our courses. Before we had this offers feature, we didn't really have a good way to for people to look at a page and click and buy something in a way that was really user-friendly. I think the offers feature is a really big part of the product.