November 21, 2023

10+ Marketing Touchpoints You Can’t Afford To Ignore That Convert Interest Into Customers

Written by: Shopwindow6min read

The journey from sparking interest in your product or service to converting prospects into paying customers can be challenging. This is where our concept of Touchpoints Marketing comes into play. Touchpoints are anywhere a potential customer can interact with your business. Utilizing your touchpoints is essential in creating interest and leading potential customers towards a purchase.

Touchpoints are the moments of interaction between your brand and your audience. There are lots of different types of touchpoints, but they all fit into three categories: human, digital, and physical. Understanding your customers intentions and how marketing touchpoints fit into each stage is essential for a successful conversion strategy. Most organizations today are not using all the marketing touchpoints available to them, and not taking maximum advantage of the ones they are using.

Touchpoints marketing solves 5 critical problems:

  1. Increase the number of leads,
  2. Improve your conversion rates to sales,
  3. Shortens the time it takes a buyer to buy,
  4. Increases the size of the order,
  5. Gets customers to return.

Its not just about the individual buyer touchpoints either. It's the entire set of touchpoints and their interactions that matter. These touchpoints can and must work together to maximize the buyers achieving their goals. Today's consumer wants a seamless and integrated experience, whether they're browsing your website, following your social media, or engaging with your content.  Marketing Touchpoints play a significant role in building awareness and interest in your business, and each touchpoint is an opportunity to convert potential customers. To do this effectively, you need to be utilizing multiple touchpoints in concert by having them work together. We will help you maximize the value and coordinate all these touchpoints together.

So what are some of the touchpoints you cant afford to miss out on and how can you utilize them together?

1) Walk ins

Walk-ins give you the chance to build trust through a face to face interaction. You get the chance to answer questions and build a relationship with them. You want to be capturing information and then make a promise of getting them that information. Getting specific content that your buyers wants is how you get a new subscriber, keep them engaged while put yourself in a leading position. Further down this list you'll see how you can engage them with another touchpoint like email or text.

2) Phone Inquiries

A phone call is a perfect opportunity to create hooks in the buyers mind for information that matches their inquiry. It is the perfect setup. In that phone call, using touchpoints marketing methods you will get their name, phone number, interests, and timeline. Using other functionality you'll deliver relevant, personalized content to them however they want it delivered.

3) Email

After someone has given you their information, you can deliver content to them directly through email or text.

Send emails with engaging content, information, and a call to action for your lead. Our software lets you use the information you already have about your lead to automatically customize the content to their needs, so your messaging is even more relevant to them.

4) SMS texting

Texting is quick and convenient. Most people keep their phone within arms reach, so texts are a great way to connect with a lead.

Sending texts that include content, links, or calls to action can help lead someone towards more information and ultimately sales!

5) Websites

Your website showcases your brand and important information that people can access 24/7. This means an interested person can take a look at 1pm or 1am to see if your products or services are right for them.

How do you convert someone looking at your website into a buyer? A text or call now button, a quick interest form, or a call to action can help make people visiting your website known, so you can reach out and lead them towards a purchase.

6) Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

Social media platforms allow you to engage with a large audience. It is a great way to stay on peoples radar even when they aren't directly looking for your product/service.

Social media is a great place to post content and information, so people see a glimpse into your business when theyre scrolling. Share content, promote events, and share word of mouth testimonials to keep people interested and excited about your business.

7) Online Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc)

A way to ensure your business is put in front of fresh eyes is to run some ads. Target a specific audience and drive traffic to your website or other touchpoints to help bring in new customers.

Your online ads can include links, content, forms, or contact numbers to help lead people to immediately engage with your business.

8) Physical Ads (newspaper, flyers)

Physical ads are a tangible way to capture attention from locals. These can help drive traffic to your store, website, events and more. Including a QR Code or a number to text or call can help bring interested people onto your radar and give them the answers and information theyre looking for. You can also set up a text in word that automatically sends specific content when texted in. This way, people can get information on the spot, at the exact moment they're interested.

9) In person events

In person events give you a chance to connect with customers and build trust on the spot. Build even more value by offering flyers or business cards with a QR Code to helpful information and ways to stay in touch! You can also gather contact information from the people you meet, so you can follow up with relevant content.

10) QR Codes

A quick way to get content or information onto someone's device is by setting up a QR Code. Your code can be scanned from physical ads, in person events, and even in store to help customers get the information they want in seconds.

11) Word of mouth

Word of mouth is an amazing way to build value and trust. Personal recommendations and reviews by real customers can be the deciding factor for a person who is on the fence about making a purchase.

Help pull in those valuable word of mouth testimonials with video stories that can be shared through your touchpoints.

12) Wi-Fi

When guests log into your Wi-Fi, you can set up a landing page to be the first place they're directed to. Now, when someone is using your Wi-Fi, they can be greeted with helpful information and a call to action to help convert them.

Ready to take your touchpoint marketing to the next level?

Using multiple touchpoints throughout the sales process can be a lot to juggle, but keeping people interested and engaged is the secret sauce that leads to more sales.

Some of these touchpoints you're already active with, and some you may not even be aware of. We help organizations understand all the available touchpoints, which ones are relevant to them, and the best practices on how to use those touch points in order to gain and convert customers.

Shopwindow provides the perfect solution for connecting your touchpoints and keeping people interested and engaged. The all-in-one software allows you to house content, send messages, manage your leads, and more. The tools you need to streamline your conversions are available inside of Shopwindow, so you can have everything in one place.

This is the solution you've been waiting for.

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