January 30, 2021

How to Get Video Reviews & Testimonials that Rock

Written by: Shopwindow1min read

Think about your customers when they are trying to buy. Put yourself in their shoes. You're looking to buy a diamond ring or choose a daycare center or book a birthday party and you want information.

You're savvy - as pretty much all customers are today - you are trying to remove companies fast from the shortlist and not muck around because you'd rather be binging on Netflix.

We have all developed a spidey sense to get us straight to the real deal. We don't spend long and companies have to be right on point to get us.

Evaluating companies online you'll see two types of content:

  1. Company produced content: Examples are marketing brochures, sales copy and corporate websites.
  2. User generated content: Examples are customer reviews, video testimonials and audience made stories.

Where do you go first? Number 2 user generated content right. You want to see what other people are saying and see what other people are doing with the product or service.