You need to create interest and relevent engagement with your potential buyers both online and offline. By marrying the online and offline so your organization has consistent targeted messaging is how you convert.


We call any point where your organization touches a potential customer an interaction point. 


If you are like 99% of organizations these are the most under utilized building blocks of your communication and conversion strategy. 

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to convert and grow your business.


Your time to initiate communications is the moment when the iron is hottest and you are engaged with your potential buyer. You need to create relevant interest with your potential buyer both online and offline so that they take the desired action. 


Implementing digital, intelligent, and more automated interaction points are proven to dramatically increase the volume and quality of your potential customers.

We fuse offline and online together intelligently

The marrying of offline and online into a managable and cohesive strategy has been previously unavailable to consumer-facing companies. Enabling all your buyers' interactions offline and online with intelligence that is shared will drive you towards giving each person a truly individualized experience. And that means higher conversions and more revenue.


  • Someone is at your facility
  • They've called you on the phone
  • Mobile encounter with buyer
  • Print advertising
  • Radio and television
  • Trade shows


  • Website content
  • Website promotions
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • SMS texting
  • Webinars
  • Virtual tours

All of the above are touchpoints that you need a co-ordinated effort to take full advantage of creating interest and opportunities towards customer conversion. Having the right blend of technology and messaging at all of these is proven to increase conversions.   

This video shows some of the ways Zaragon have created more meaningful communications with potential tenants and current tenants. 

New tenants previously got a paper welcome brochure that pretty much went straight in the trash.

Now on their device they are instantly recieving information tailored to them specifically.  They can chat, ask questions, and follow relevant links. 

The more intelligent touchpoints we have, the more opportunity we have to connect with our potential buyers and increase the value of our existing customers.

We help you design a touchpoint strategy that doesn't take a lot of time to do.

By providing your customers with the exact information they need at all of your touchpoints you will initiate more connections between your buyers and your organization.

With a richer understanding of each buyer as an individual along with the capabilities to map specific information to that person will put you in the frontrunner position.