August 28, 2017

Customer Experience Fails

Written by: Shopwindow2min read

There are 7 points of interaction with customers that consumer facing companies always screw up.


They are:

  1. Failure to create a permission moment and effectively use it
  2. You fail to NETWORK your content
  3. Out of sight out of mind is a fail OR (Staying still while your customer evolves)
  4. You fail to consistently upsell
  5. Your technology fails to compete
  6. You fail to reap your low hanging fruit
  7. You fail to play to your strengths with a land & expand strategy

For most companies it is but dont panic, your competitors are failing too. We are in the midst of the largest seismic shift of the customer experience since 1909 when Harry declared The Customer is always right.  


Customer experience is the art and science of knowing your customers' needs in the context of the moment. Its not hard to see how we might fail to keep their preferences, interests, time frames front of mind. An exceptional sales person might do this somewhat well but can they then find the specific content based on that that is most relevant to that customer's current situation stage.

It's a gigantic job to get this right and the Disneys of this world work like mad men behind every wall to make it appear natural and easy. With such an emphasis on customer experience now it's not enough to have a handbook that says smile. It's way more complicated as people are way more demanding and expectations have skyrocketed. We look at a few of the fails of the customer experience.


People come into your location or call on the phone with buying questions and you fail by not creating a permission moment and capturing their information intelligently. This means creating enough need with your buyer to gain permission and then seamlessly collecting the right information. Whilst you're collecting information you need to be indexing your buyers' preferences, interests, behaviors, time frames and preferred method of communication.


Only by indexing can you leverage that data on the fly or in the future by retrieving the most relevant content that matches that individual's needs/inquiry/situation and packaging it specifically to that individual. Communicating to the individual needs of a person by being as relevant as possible is becoming an expectation of your customers. 

There are 6 more Customer Experience Fails. To get all 7 in an easy to read downloadable and printable format: Click here