December 26, 2016

The Power of Reusable Content Buttons

Written by: Shopwindow1min read

Make a change to your content and there's really no time for going backwards and updating everywhere that appears . We are in a world that "moves forward and breaks things". Of course companies that decry this as their mantra have some very complex systems running in the background to catch such breakage. 


Now with the new release of Content System 2 you can go forward without looking back and not break things. Content System 2 connects all of your content together. You can connect your audience to that content using Custom Buttons. 

Content Buttons are Connected

It's important to know who's looking at your content, what they are looking at, and when they are looking at it. See the Ultimate Visualization of your Data. The time it takes to create your content it had better be worth it. Content Buttons connect your content to your surface areas and can be resused. Updating your Custom Button in one place will automatically update it across all of your locations. 

Your content needs to be interconnected throughout the following places:

  • To your analytics
  • To your surface points ie Content Buttons
  • To your database
  • To every person that interacts with that content. 

That's a lot of connections to be made. It's a lot of work to connect all of that data. The Custom Button module is a workhorse. The Content System 2 engine makes all of these connections (and more) automatically for you. 

How? Simply fill your content pipeline as normal with any of the following:

  • Upload the content to Shopwindows Media Library
  • Create the content using Shopwindow Creation Suite
  • Point Custom Button at the outside location eg a URL

Content System 2 will instantly create all of the wiring and make all of the connections for you. 

Lock your Content Button - good for multiple users

If you've got multiple users creating digital assets for your organization then chances are you have more than one person using Content Buttons. Because updating a Content Button in one location automatically updates every location displaying that Content Button - having a lock can come in handy. Locking your Custom Button let's everyone know that this Content Button is important and in use in more than just the single location they see it in now.