You want to be able to send your own content, user generated content and third party content like a relevant YouTube video to your high valued customers to convert them but you don't know if they have viewed any of that content or what has the most appeal to them

You or your staff aren't made aware when any potential customers do something like watch a YouTube video you sent them which would make them a high value customer.

You are losing business because your customers are either researching or looking at something thats not necessarily directly your material that you have made available but you have no idea they are still interested in your offering.

When they do this they should go up in priority from where they were to a person of higher value because they are doing something that relates to you–you're creating a high value customer.  

You are losing business because you're in the dark here with no visibility.

In fact every single tiny interaction means something if you know what to look for. Shopwindow collects millions of tiny points of data and surfaces it to you in an understandable and instantly actionable way.

The data that makes up each user's digital fingerprint powers our Intelligent Content engine so your content will automatically change depending on who is viewing it to make it relevant to them and extremely high converting.

What others are saying:

We went from having no conversations to having 10's of conversations a day since using Shopwindow and most of the conversations we have are turning into sales.

- Brett Clay, CEO Family Fun Center

I got 99 problems but new leads aren't one!

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