What are Video Stories?


Video stories is a brand new product that offers incentives for your current customers to record a video testimonial for your business. Using the Video Story video recorder the customer is given prompts to make it easy for them (and perfect for you). These Video Stories are then intelligently displayed to your potential customers based on interest. Nothing converts as well as this!

Here are just a few reasons to use Video Stories...


⏱ Marketing for your business that is created quicker than a Tik Tok!

😏 Stand out from the competition

⏳ No Download Required

πŸ“½ Video is the most powerful medium

❀️ Unlimited Free Material for Social Content Creation

πŸ…Get Authentic reviews

πŸ†“ Easily incentivise your customers to review

🎀 Question Driven Responses

πŸ•ΊπŸ» Match testimonials from your current customers to your potential customers

🀳🏻 Start a testimonial via any touchpoint

Video Stories evens the playing field for small businesses to compete with larger competitors.

- Gavin Todd, CEO Shopwindow

You know David & Goliath... Video Stories is the slingshot!

All of the Shopwindow sales team are dying to give you a demo of Video Stories, click below to make their day