You can send to a segment of people the same content but you don't have the capabilities to make every communication tailored to the precise interests of each individual, which would make every digital brochure, text or email truly unique and at scale for all your customers with no staff effort.

You want to be able to create a digital brochure once and have the content inside that digital brochure be intelligently created based on what we have learned about the individual, but you are unable to with your current methods.

We take that content and use our "Intelligent Content" engine so that when two users view the same touchpoint such as a Digital Brochure it is tailored to look unique to them based on their interests and preferences.

Peoplestream in Shopwindow will then show you exactly how people are interacting with your content. From there you can admire your new conversion rate or jump into any customer and help get them over the line.

What others are saying:

We went from having no conversations to having 10's of conversations a day since using Shopwindow and most of the conversations we have are turning into sales.

- Brett Clay, CEO Family Fun Center

I got 99 problems but new leads aren't one!

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