Activity feed showing how people are interacting with your content in real time. A crystal ball into people subscribing to your organization, submitting forms, opening brochures, clicking links, watching videos, and more.

Action Indicator

Our action indicator shows how many times someone has interacted with your content allowing you to step in and close the deal when you see a good level of interest! Suddenly so many of your leads are closing... is it magic? No, it's Shopwindow!

Be a doer not a thinker

It's so simple to be a person of action with Peoplesteam you are only one click away from starting a conversation, taking a note, making a next action todo or setting an appointment. Now you have more time to make that latte or catch a wave. ☕️ 🏄‍♂️

Do you know what your customers are looking at?

Peoplestream is just one of many ways that Shopwindow takes your sales to the next level, click the button and watch it in action.

Associated Products


Leave Notes on the people within your database. Other users on your Shopwindow account can view these Notes as well as see who created them.


Create a list of To-Do items on the people within your database. You can also assign a staff member and a due date to these items, and other users on your Shopwindow account can view and complete them.


Create Appointment Types and book users or have them book themselves with our Appointment booking system. This system is intuitively wired to your businesses hours and staff member availabilities.

Conversation Center

Easily respond to incoming messages and start new conversations with users in the Conversation Center.

Database (Fields)

Every detail about your customers information, interests and interactions is stored in the Shopwindow Database. This information could include name, age, interests, preferences, tags, funnel stages, behaviors, and much more.


Utilize Funnels to define and visualize the stages that comprise your customer’s journey. See how long they’ve been in a particular funnel stage, as well as who needs an additional nudge to move to the next stage.

PeopleStream Features

Web Analytics

Web Analytics give a comprehensive view of user behaviour across your website, such as identifying top-performing pages and returning users, drilling down to the individual person.


Define a Smartgroup based on specified behaviors and user information, such as age, whether or not they completed a particular form, or how many times they engaged with a piece of content.


Use Tags to label, identify, and categorize the audience in your database.


Heatmaps assist in visually communicating the intensity of a user’s engagement with your content.