Intelligent Forms

Shopwindow forms are beautifully designs and contain our special ingredients to make them insanely powerful. Learn about our Conditional Logic engine and how our forms can act as a virtual sales person with Outcomes.

Our Forms automatically take information from your users and add the data to your database. Publish content, redirect, and apply specific tags to people upon submitting a Form.

You can easily create Shopwindow Forms with our simple to use Form Builder. You can view comprehensive data on the Form submissions you receive with Reports.

Conditional Logic

Make your forms feel just like a real-world conversation by intelligently asking questions based on the user's answers. Delight users by presenting them with relevant content based on their interests.

Are Forms still the best way to get leads?

Find out why every business should be using Intelligent Forms

Associated Products


Utilize Funnels to define and visualize the stages that comprise your customer’s journey. See how long they’ve been in a particular funnel stage, as well as who needs an additional nudge to move to the next stage.

Database (Fields)

Every detail about your customers information, interests and interactions is stored in the Shopwindow Database. This information could include name, age, interests, preferences, tags, funnel stages, behaviors, and much more.

Form Features

Embed Codes

Inject self-updating content to any webpage by utilizing our Embed Codes.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic can show content or fields to those that meet certain conditional requirements, such as answering a question in a specific way, or including a keyword in a text response.


Use Tags to label, identify, and categorize the audience in your database.

Responsive Form Builder

Our Responsive Form Builder offers many unique functionalities that will create an attention-grabbing, easy to complete form that works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Sub Objects

Sub Objects allow users to provide information for a block of fields that you define and at a quantity that they control.

User Contact Choice Module

Allow users to choose their own method of receiving content and updates from you, either through E-mail, or an SMS text message.

Redirect on Submit

Redirect a user to a webpage, video, brochure, and more once they complete and submit a form.

Publish on Submit

Publish specified content to a user once they complete and submit a form.


Send specified Alerts to selected staff members. These alerts can include but aren’t limited to: form submissions, chat notifications, and appointment notifications.