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Increase conversions and revenue

Family entertainment centers are dealing directly with consumer buyers and are constantly trying to improve their competitive position. Buyers are calling 2-3 other competitors and are seeking the experience that best matches their interests and they have multiple options.


You get a phone call or someone comes into the store inquiring about an event. The buying window is short (time from initial inquiry to purchase... like a birthday party, group event). And with the pressing demands of running a center, store managers or owners simply do not have the time to handle the follow-up that they would like with interested parties.


When they leave you have no idea what happened to that inquiry. You hope that they come back. Hope is not a strategy. You want to win. 

Get the Case Study if you

  • Want to improve revenues and profitability

  • Want to improve their conversion rates from interested parties

  • Have a limited amount of time to convert interest to a buyer

  • Lack sophisticated resources but want better and more modern methods of attracting and converting buyers