Beutiful Data

Shopwindow not only captures data on every interaction with your content it surfaces the data in such a way that makes it Understandable, Enlightening and most importantly Actionable.


We understand that knowledge is power so we make sure that your data is always yours no matter the source, for example, Shopwindow is the only software that gives you heatmaps of your videos without you having to host them through the software, this means you can keep your videos on YouTube, still benefit from the views and have access to all the data.


With PeopleStream you are constantly in touch with the way your customers are behaving and interacting with your content, this allows you to take informed action in real-time to secure sales and connect with your users.


With SmartGroups you can target certain sections of your database but the group is smart (rather than fixed) meaning that people will flow in and out of the group as they perform actions. For example what if everyone who had a below-average customer satisfaction score was offered a certain offer but once the satisfaction score for that customer had improved they were no longer presented with the offer.

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Associated Products


Easily build fully responsive, stunning digital Brochures and effortlessly publish to individuals and groups via text messages and e-mails, automatically based on the person’s preferred communication channel.


Our SMS engine allows the users to define their preferred method of communication and allows you automatically or actively publish personalised communications and content to groups or individuals via SMS.


Create Forms with our easy to use Form Builder. Publish content, redirect, and apply specific tags to people upon submitting a Form, and view comprehensive data on the Form submissions you receive with Reports.


Leave Notes on the people within your database. Other users on your Shopwindow account can view these Notes as well as see who created them.


Create a list of To-Do items on the people within your database. You can also assign a staff member and a due date to these items, and other users on your Shopwindow account can view and complete them.


Create Appointment Types and book users or have them book themselves with our Appointment booking system. This system is intuitively wired to your businesses hours and staff member availabilities.

Conversation Center

Easily respond to incoming messages and start new conversations with users in the Conversation Center.

Intelligent Content

Intelligent Content matches content from your content collections to your users based on their interests and data. This means each of your customers will see the content that is tailored for them when viewing your website or brochures.

QR Codes

Generate your own QR Codes and link any content or URL to it. An amazing touchpoint for bringing your customers into your online experience, they can be put on absolutely anything, such as flyers, posters and receipts!


Build your own Website with our easy to use builder. Gain specific and informative analytics and insights into customer behaviors as they navigate through your Website.

Landing Pages

Build a beautiful Landing Page that is responsive right out of the box. Increase conversions by creating a strong and focused path to a call-to-action.


Increase revenue by using Marketplace. Create an offer, set your pricing, set quantities available, attach a time-based window to drive urgency, and publish to groups or individuals.


Activity feed showing how people are interacting with your content in real time. A crystal ball into people subscribing to your organization, submitting forms, opening brochures, clicking links, watching videos, and more.

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Appointments Features


Use Tags to label, identify, and categorize the audience in your database.

Sub Objects

Sub Objects allow users to provide information for a block of fields that you define and at a quantity that they control.

User Contact Choice Module

Allow users to choose their own method of receiving content and updates from you, either through E-mail, or an SMS text message.


Define a Smartgroup based on specified behaviors and user information, such as age, whether or not they completed a particular form, or how many times they engaged with a piece of content.


Personalise content to optimize it for the users that view it so that they see information and content that is relevant to them individually.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics give a comprehensive view of user behaviour across your website, such as identifying top-performing pages and returning users, drilling down to the individual person.


Heatmaps assist in visually communicating the intensity of a user’s engagement with your content.

Video Heatmaps

Visualize your video analytics like never before and see the most engaging parts of your video as well as where people skipped along with our Heatmap Content Scrubber.