A high-powered appointments system that comes  pre-connected to your Texting, Emailing, Websites, QR codes, Social,  Phone calls, Analytics & much more.


We understand that knowledge is power so we make sure that your data is always yours no matter the source, for example, Shopwindow is the only software that gives you heatmaps of your videos without you having to host them through the software, this means you can keep your videos on YouTube, still benefit from the views and have access to all the data.

Customer Notifications

Your customer will automatically get notifications through every step of setting an appointment so there is no miscommunication and they can feel confident in the appointment arrangements.

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Associated Products


Easily build fully responsive, stunning digital Brochures and effortlessly publish to individuals and groups via text messages and e-mails, automatically based on the person’s preferred communication channel.


Our SMS engine allows the users to define their preferred method of communication and allows you automatically or actively publish personalised communications and content to groups or individuals via SMS.

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Appointments Features

Embed Codes

Inject self-updating content to any webpage by utilizing our Embed Codes.

Redirect on Submit

Redirect a user to a webpage, video, brochure, and more once they complete and submit a form.

Publish on Submit

Publish specified content to a user once they complete and submit a form.