Instantly Create Customers with 
Intelligent SMS Marketing.

When we think of SMS marketing to start with it can be very confusing. What does it mean?
Depending on what business you are in it can mean many different things.
If you are a service business like a restaurant or salon it might mean letting customers know that their table or appointment is ready.
For companies driving membership, like a gym, it might mean letting your prospects know about a promotion. The $1 joining sale is coming up for next Monday!
daycare center might want a more intimate and direct access to their school's parents. Something non salesy like letting them know how the school week has gone.
All very different uses.

Increase satisfaction with customers by over 50% with the same effort

Give the people what they want.

However, you choose to use SMS marketing be sure to know that, like any new activity, it takes a little bit of time. There are important things to work out like what exactly to try. You need to have a safe environment to go ahead and try out your ideas. You need to have a system to monitor feedback both digitally and through word of mouth. When you have the ability to safely experiment, to gauge your results, you have a loop of continuous improvement.

Think you might be too small? We have a part-time cookie baker having great success. Flyers in letterboxes that have a “Text the word Cookie for a FREE Cookie and our delivery menu.”

See "What is SMS Marketing"

Next Level SMS Marketing brings location, data analytics, and individualized content. 

New capabilities for SMS text Marketing.

Imagine seeing how many of your people clicked through to your content from sending a text. Then imagine following them on their discovery knowing where each person next went. Seeing every webpage that they went to along with how long they spent on each individual page.


If you could do that you could then have the system potentially build out their preferred interests and behaviors. Imagine then by putting a name and a face to that person you could then truly individualize the content for each person. If they are interested in your gym to train for endurance rather than lose weight and your system automatically includes that specific information for you in each text you send.


Truly remarkable. Something like this will change the way we do marketing.


It’s here right now.