what is sms

What is SMS Marketing?

In today’s modern world, there’s not much doubt remaining around the incredible power of SMS marketing to reach the right audience. It’s immediate, intimate, and there’s no spam folder to worry about. Frankly, it’s more fun. It separates the wannabes from the serious. For businesses that are new to texting, however, it can also be a little bit scary and for a good reason. So what is SMS Marketing? It’s communication like social like email with your customers. The difference is that it’s much more personal. Your business relationship with that person is on the line! With one click, it’s judgement time and there is no facebook or google plus delete button to pad the situation. “Scary” is never good.

Because it’s personal it either really works or really doesn’t work.

A digital rule for media: “The more you care the less you scare.” This means that you have nothing to worry about if you are a business that genuinely cares about your audience. You’ll put forth full effort to get them what they want, and in doing so, continue to learn what your audience responds to. With no technological barriers, it’s way easier to learn the different rhythms in which each of your segments communicate. Perhaps parents who are looking to send their kids to your day camp respond best to a text message that is sent every couple of weeks before the camp registration period. Once they book your camp, the parent doesn’t need any more messages about registration. 45 days before camp starts, however, your automated series begins. Finally, while camp is in session, parents can’t get enough when you’re mass texting them the daily photos of the camp action! Businesses that truly care about helping, protecting, and growing their audience won’t stay scared. Quickly, these businesses become very good at text marketing.