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Superpowers to Update your Website

Its really hard to have your website do what you want it to do. Getting it looking right to start with is tough but making changes to it can be even tougher. In a recent  survey  it’s very clear small businesses want to take control of their website in 2016. It’s also fast becoming the most important lead capture and customer conversion tool a small business owns.

Is updating your website more important today?


It sure is. Your website is your hub. It’s where everything points to. Your social and your advertising all bring people back to your website. Your current offers, events, new dates should all be there. Keeping your website current with what’s going on in and around your business creates energy. Websites are not just static pages anymore. They are dynamic tools with energy to catch the attention of your visitors. Think of your website as an interface that you communicate through.

Having your ideas quickly update your website is critical today. Having your website as your home base is also pragmatic. Safety first. We own our website and it plays by our rules. It’s one place the goal posts can’t be moved. Not so for everywhere else. Facebook can kill organic search, Google can change their algorithm, Yelp can show our negative reviews. But our website is safe. The rug can’t be pulled out from under us. Your website needs to be thought of as your hub. Your spokes are everything else: social, directories, and links. All your spokes should be pointing back to your website.

Great but my website is garbage.


You’re not alone in thinking that. The majority of businesses feel the same but can’t find reliable help. To meet this need their are new creative solutions solving this problem. Yes it’s incredibly disruptive to create a new website. What if we could add to the old website with new elements? A simple workaround is to inject modules into your existing website. With a product like Website Injectables it doesn’t matter if your website is from the last century. These new responsive technologies work around old code. Even if your website isn’t responsive then injecting the modern code will override it. This is a great breakthrough and very important to your digital health. Your ideas should not be stymied by your old code.