SMS service providers

SMS Service Provider – The new breed.

The SMS service provider has come a long way since Neil Papworth sent the world’s first SMS. 

It’s now 20 years old and not just the 160 character kids toy you thought it was. Now all grown up SMS means it’s business time. The SMS text message now has the same power you’d want for any serious enterprise application. The same business intelligence, analytics, and your content sales formulas. You can now run them all from a single SMS platform.

What can an SMS Service Provider do for you today?

Let’s look at the basics it should have and some of the superpowers.

  1. It should sit on top of a dynamic database. Containing unique customer preferences that can be updated by you from your desktop your mobile. The best allow the customer to also update it themselves. Very important for your customers concerned with privacy.
  2. You can create new custom fields directly inside your SMS service. Not static limited fields like: name number and zipcode but a flexible database with excel like power.
  3. Power to run sophisticated queries on your database. Go as granular or as sophisticated as you choose. Example: Send invitation to: Women interested in laser hair removal. Must have watched 50% of our Laser Hair Removal video.
  4. An SMS service provider allows you to configure your database into unique behavioural groups. Your business naturally gets smarter with different messaging. Run uniquely messaging on different schedules. This all can easily be tested and the winners permanently adopted. One size fits all is a dead term from the last decade.
  5. Multi lead source capabilities. Customers are everywhere. A dynamic platform provider simplifies and expands the many ways to gain new subscribers. Every possible opportunity needs a way to absorb people into your database. There should be no limits. If a customer goes onto your website you they should have the option of receiving your call to action vias email and SMS. Did you know that most people without a work email don’t check their email daily. Giving people choice feels comfortable and you will have a more positive experience with customers wanting to engage with your company. A tablet in your store is another great way. A simple call to action transforms into an opportunity to build your list. Add people in a less salesy way. Every phone call your business receives should be an opportunity to deliver customer information. Again callers should have the choice of SMS or email. SMS is not just about putting a keyword on a piece of paper or into your advertisements. It’s now a way that’s bringing people into your loop.  
  6. A state-of-the-art SMS service will give you the choice between short codes and long codes. This is super important as both have very different use/ applications cases. See here long codes vs short codes. If you wish to send out a newsletter to parents for your daycare or church a short code is too impersonal. It also doesn’t allow for parents to have a 2 way text conversation. On the other side might be a university. If you are coordinating 1,0000’s of students during an orientation day you will want a shortcode for speed & deliverability.  An SMS service provider needs to allow both for appropriate communication.
  7. Go way beyond the text message. Engage your customers with fully interactive brochures. Immersing your audience inside data driven brochures is good for your customer and good for you. That data will get the right content to the right person at the right time. Your audience gets richer information in their hand in a modern and mobile first format. They want that and done right they love it.
    SMS behaviour filters - Shopwindow

    SMS behavioural filters – Shopwindow.

  8. Behavioural filters trigger sequences with the targeting capabilities of Amazon. John watches a video or clicks on Part 1 of your “How to …”. Now 3 days later he gets Part 2. No-one else does. Your business is intelligently following up with him. Relevance rules. Previously this superpower was only available to sophisticated email platforms that cost 1,000’s of dollars each month. That was then. Now every small business can have this insane power. Efficient and effective so businesses can be getting on with other things.

You can Kill the Coupon.

The SMS service provider of today has integrated many services. You’re far from limited to deals, urgent announcements, and coupons. Texting is not just the static 160 character message anymore. In the past many businesses resisted using SMS services because they didn’t wish to use coupons in their business. That was the biggest selling point the old 160 character text had going for it. Primarily the –Buy One Get One Free Offer. That was literally your best shot. If you’re a business that doesn’t believe in couponing or rarely will use one then SMS texting is pointless. Don’t panic if you do drive sales with couponing you still can – just way smarter. These new platforms will give you 10X the data and capabilities.

What can an SMS service provider do for you today?

Did you know that you can now sell products via sms text? Yes! A sophisticated SMS service provider will let you send out an SMS that will sell products right from the text on your customer’s mobile device. Customers put their credit card number securely right on their phone to purchase instantly. The money goes directly into your bank account. The sales cycle completed from a text!

We are in extraordinary days.

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