Building your real estate business intelligence

Learn how Michigan’s largest property valuation company is moving from paper business cards to digital business cards.

Business cards have long been the staple of the Real Estate industry. Cards have been collected, passed, swapped continually. If you go to the right event you can come home with a small tree worth of cards. That’s worked great until online came along and put information at everyone’s fingertips. The role of  paper cards is giving way to digital business brochures. Who’s got time now to read out a business cards information to a referral. “Please just email it to me.” is pretty much standard in 2015. So how do you get referrals? By making your information simple to share and as helpful and handy. The “shh” principle.

“Shopwindow, is more visual, having (Remote) in the field, verifying somebody got it and being able to do the analytics in the background, we’ve got a tool now to see what people are looking at and that’s very powerful”

10 x your business cards. Using visually exciting and dynamic brochures Pete now can offer an instant resource to potential clients.

The Customer Journey

Analytics One is just getting warmed up when Google and the others leave you stranded. You’re hot & thirsty and finally you come across a fountain of cool drinking water. That’s how some businesses feel when they see just how much clarity Shopwindow Analytics One gives them. For the first time you will see right before your eye’s your customers journey and know exactly where their interests are. Follow them from your emails to your website to you PDF’s to even text messages. It’s all streaming into one fountain and it’s right in front of you.