Cell-phone-retailers software for Shopwindow

Cell phone retailer software


Cell phone software for retailers has come a long way. If your business is not doing over $300,000 a year the ONLY thing you need to be focussed on is SALES. You are at the make or break stage of a business, which means you should focus heavily on sales. Sales & marketing software has come a long way and the cutting edge softwares will combine lethal sales software wrapped inside a beautiful mobile experience for your customers. It’s a double punch.

Shopwindow for Cell Phone Retailers offers a new approach to in store sales.


Your buyer’s purchase path has changed. Make your company a part of the conversation.

Potential customers call or walk in to your store. They buy today or they don’t. Your staff need to follow a system that works.  If they are not buying today you want all your staff trained to do the following.

  1. Find their “Purchase Obstacle”.
  2. Identify their “Purchase Obstacle Date”.
  3. Use script to gain the confidence and Okay from person to allow follow up.
  4. Tell Shopwindow.